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A liveaboard is a comfortable "floating hotel" and unforgettable experiences and maximum pleasure from the Maldivian holidays!

Top Liveaboards

A liveaboard is a luxury hotel in the ocean, and it is yours. Safe, functional and smart. Manage your own dreamliner!
Princess Ulua
Length 37 m. • wood hull • 10 cabins • 24 passengers • Year built 2019
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Length 31 m. • wood hull • 9 cabins • 20 passengers • Year built 2019
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Length 33 m. • wood hull • 10 cabins • 21 passengers • Year built 2007
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Length 41 m. • wood hull • 12 cabins • 24 passengers • Year built 2009
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Princess Haleema
Length 36 m. • wood hull • 11 cabins • 22 passengers • Year built 2006
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Princess Dhonkamana
Length 31 m. • wood hull • 9 cabins • 18 passengers • Year built
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Princess Rani
Length 35 m. • wood hull • 11 cabins • 22 passengers • Year built 2008
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Maldives Blue Force One
Length 42 m. • steel hull • 12 cabins • 24 passengers • Year built 2013
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Maldives Blue Force 3
Length 42 m. • steel hull • 12 cabins • 26 passengers • Year built 2018
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Scubaspa Ying
Length 50 m. • fiberglass hull • 19 cabins • 40 passengers • Year built 2014
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Scubaspa Yang
Length 50 m. • fiberglass hull • 19 cabins • 40 passengers • Year built 2014
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Length 41 m. • wood hull • 13 cabins • 26 passengers • Year built 2019
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Seafari Explorer
Length 38 m. • wood hull • 12 cabins • 24 passengers • Year built 2015
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Seafari Explorer 2
Length 46 m. • wood hull • 11 cabins • 20 passengers • Year built 2020
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Length 43 m. • steel hull • 11 cabins • 22 passengers • Year built 2017
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Exciting Liveaboard Activities

Each day and night brings something new to do. Take a look at all the enjoyable activities you can savour onboard. There is stargazing on the top deck, hot tubs, waterslides, food, bars and more.


Holiday fun for everyone, every season! All of our programs are unique, and offer an opportunity to explore a variety of theme inspired activities. We design our programs to provide a unique and memorable experience for our favorite customers.
Luxury and Lifestyle: Party Cruises
Feel like a Hollywood star: luxury yachts, private resorts, parties and live music against the backdrop of paradise islands.
Diving and Snorkeling
Diving safari is ideal for certified scuba divers, and for those beginners who plan to enter the exciting world of diving.
Dreaming of your next surf adventure? We pop-up in places we know and love during the best surf seasons to create great surf experiences.
Need a fishing charter? Now, everyone can plan an unforgettable time on the water. We're on a mission to make it possible for everyone to access enjoyable fishing experiences.
Organize your conference, business meeting or incentive trip to enhance your corporate culture.
May your wedding day be filled with wonderful memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life!
Find and book your dream yacht through MCC. View ALL Maldivian yachts available to rent, get expert advice from our comprehensive travel consultants and be inspired by our bespoke itineraries.
Family Cruises
At MCC, family comes first. We have thought of every little detail to give you an unforgettable family holiday, from start to finish. Discover breath-taking family holiday destinations, staying in family-friendly staterooms or suites.

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Let's transport ourselves into the future: you take one step, another, a third, and then you realize what perfection truly means.
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15 Thrilling Reasons To Embark On A Liveaboard Holiday In The Maldives
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