"A safari is boring..."

It is quite just the opposite.

A modern yacht is a full-fledged floating hotel with all available services. At your disposal are 4 decks and the whole ocean.

There is something to do on the yacht both for those who love outdoor activities and for those who prefer total relaxation. The beauty is that every new day you will meet at a new location.

Traveling on a yacht, you will see the Maldives archipelago, and not just one atoll.

"Is it expensive?"

The cost of a safari is similar to the cost of a similar set of services in a hotel. And sometimes — significantly cheaper.

Pricing is simple and transparent: the price for a weekly cruise includes accommodation, meals and a whole program of entertainment. No deposits, ambiguities and hidden surcharges.

There are also additional services upon request. They are paid. These are, for example, fishing spinning rental, diving courses, fresh flowers in the room, alcohol at the bar and any other wishes you may have.

"Are there any surcharges?"

Yes. When booking, we tell you what is included in the price and what you will need to pay extra for.

As a rule, a mandatory surcharge will be the Green Tax: $42 ($6 per day per person) and a service fee: $70 to $100.

The Maldivian tax 12% GST, transfers from the airport to the yacht and back, meals, diving package, traditional fishing and non-motorized sports are already included in the price.

"What about sea sickness?"

All our yachts have a length of 35 meters minimum, which means that they are as stable as can be. In addition, they move inside the atolls so that all the waves remain outside. If the wind blows and shakes on one side of the island, the yacht moves to the other side of the island to "hide" and provide you maximum comfort.

The crossing of large channels between the atolls occurs 2 times a week for about 3 hours. The team always warns guests, and for those who are afraid of reaction to pitching, our bartenders have "Dramina" and will be glad to help you.

"Is it possible to book with children?"

Yes, it is, and even more than you expect.

We do not recommend safaris for children under 7 years old, although we have hosted many young guests from infancy and up.

Important: children are accepted strictly under the responsibility of the parents or the nanny.

On most yachts for 150 euros per week, the team will look after the child if both parents are divers and will dive together.

Children are happy to land on the beaches, play with crabs, try snorkeling accompanied by professional guides, and from the age of 8 (as per PADI standards) can enjoy diving.

Also available for children are the joys of the "bananas", "doughnut", water slides and jet skis (from 10 years old)!