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Cruising through the atolls gives the chance to snorkel a different reef everyday, for you to enjoy the natural wonders of the life of colorful tropical fishes that dwell among the coral gardens with morays, turtles, rays and reef sharks. To make it an enlivening adventure, the onboard Dive Instructor will guide you on the snorkeling trips and share with you his knowledge on the Maldivian reefs.
Water sports
Add a dash of thrill to your adventure by participating in your choice of motorized and non-motorized water sports activities available on board. Go kayaking round a sand bank as the sunrises, or have an exciting time with your friends and family fun tubing. For an even more active time, practice your skills on a jet ski perhaps with a few stunts as you whizz past, wind surf or water ski.
The Maldives has a reputation as one of the best diving destinations of the world, with an abundance of fish, innumerable species of coral and sheer diversity of the experiences that could be enjoyed at the different dive sites. The diving facility on SEAREX is PADI registered and dives will be guided by our experienced PADI certified Instructor or Dive Master. Diving is conducted from our diving tender (MINIME) of 65 feet, for ease of access to reefs. The dive boat is equipped with modern dive gear, first aid equipment, oxygen kit, GPS and radio communication with the cruise.
Be it the "jail break", "pasta point" or the many other famous surf areas, Maldives boasts some of the best surf breaks in the world. The sister boat, sailing together with the Cruise, will drop the guests just meters away from the reef for Surfers to have a great time on the water. Due to the sailing routes and surfing requirements, SEAREX does not offer Diving on Surf Cruises. Similarly Surfing is not available on Diving Cruises. Surfers shall request for a Surf Cruise at the time of the reservation together with information on gear rental if required.
Night Fishing
It is absolutely not necessary to be a professional to enjoy a good catch of fish. Try your hand at Night Fishing on the reef, which is the most popular form of fishing among visitors, and you can be certain of a good catch. It requires no special gear, just bait a hook and drop the line near the reef edge. Our chefs will barbecue your catch and serve it with dinner for the freshest taste of fish there ever could be.
Big Game Fishing
For the more enthusiastic fishing adventurer, SEAREX offers two types of specialty fishing. Big game fishing with rods, reels and lure for a catch of Yellow Fin Tuna, Sail Fish, Merlins or Wahoo depending on the monsoon. And casting on the reef for large reef fishes. It is always exciting tosee a Black Jack or a Snapper leap out of the water as it grabs the lure.
Sand Bank Picnics and Beach Barbecue
Experience natural beauty at its best, being alone on a tiny little sand bank or a virgin island,surrounded by milky white beaches and lagoons of azure. Fulfill your hearts desires as you relaxlistening to the only sound of waves as they wash onto the beach with the occasional chirp of aseabird. Soak in the sun on the beach or wade in the warm clear waters, with a delectable snackor picnic lunch served. A special of the SEAREX experience is the Beach Barbecue Dinner setupon the beach of an uninhabited island. Experience a romantic Maldivian evening with the colors of the sunset, and the SEAREX barbecue.
Local Island Visits
A visit to a small inhabited island, where the population is only a few hundred at most, will show you a picture of the local culture and lifestyle. Kids strolling near the shore, playing with friends on the beach, or men and women occupied in daily chores show how simple life can be on these islands. This is also an opportunity to shop for souvenirs.
Capital City Visit
Male", the capital of Maldives, is a two square kilometer island that bustles with activity. Most ofthe Government offices and Corporate businesses of the country centered here, the economicdevelopment the country has achieved is visible on Male" in high contrast to the rest of the country. Places of interest include the 800 years old Friday Mosque, National Museum, FishMarket and the Souvenir shops.
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