The Ray Family

1. There are at least 2 noticeable signs that make it clear whether the stingray in front of you is a boy or a girl.

Size. Females are larger than males.

Claspers. Protrusions at the back of the pelvic fin in boys.

2. Mating season lasts from December through April. Courtship begins with stalking. A group of males swim after the female as if trying to wear her down. She tries to get away from them. But it is worth it to stop, as the boldest suitor grabs her by the edge of the pectoral fin, sharply turns “face” to himself and...

3. In 12 months, a new inhabitant of the underwater world will be born. Usually - one, rarely - two.

4. Mantas are egg-living creatures. That is, the embryo develops in an egg capsule in the mother's body, here it hatches. And only after a year the cub “comes out”.

5. The next time to go through all the stages of motherhood, the manta will decide only after 2-3 years.

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