We Invite You to a Grand Manta Ray Feast!

A grandiose feast, which is visited by divers from all corners of the world. We invite you to the “Manta Madness” tour.

When a flock of mantas finds itself in waters saturated with plankton, the animals begin a kind of round dance. The more participants, the more difficult it becomes for them to coordinate their movements. Chaos ensues. The mantas scurry in all directions. This rare phenomenon is known as “manta madness”.

The Manta Madness tour.
Route: North.
Dates: July 20-27.
Yacht: Ari Queen.

Price per person:

$1570 Standard cabin.
$1820 Deluxe cabin.
$1970 Suite cabin.

For booking and consultation: +960 758-44-40.