5 Reasons to Celebrate New Year and Christmas on a Yacht

We at Maldivian Charter Club believe that yacht living and maritime romance transport any event to a completely different dimension. Usually, we talk about wedding cruises, honeymoons on premium yachts, family charters, and corporate trips. But looking at the calendar, we thought, "It's time!". So today, we'll tell you why a yacht can be the perfect location for celebrating New Year and Christmas.

 Change of scenery

Even psychologists say that it's beneficial. Imagine this: urban landscapes are replaced by the azure ocean, and shoes are buried at the bottom of the suitcase - because you can (and should!) walk barefoot. You'll have two options at once: the warm teak floor of the yacht and the soft sand of uninhabited islands and sandy beaches. Who needs shoes, right?

Festive vibes without the hustle and bustle

Pre-New Year's chaos can bring joy, but the last-minute dashes to supermarkets aren't exactly pleasant. On a yacht, you don't need to rush anywhere or "buy something for the table" - your New Year's dinner will be taken care of by a chef. And the bartenders will prepare your favorite cocktail or pour some chilled champagne.

A new experience

"You know, I've been a sous chef on a yacht," you'll be able to tell your friends when you return.

Upon your request, we can arrange an intimate meeting with the chef - see how life boils in the kitchen and witness the creation of local culinary masterpieces. And international ones too. It's almost like a culinary masterclass. Usually, prices for masterclasses with talented chefs "tend to be sky-high," but here everything is free and comes with warm hospitality.

Wow entertainment for every taste

Dancing and barbecues on a secluded beach by torchlight, snorkeling and diving with whale sharks and manta rays, depending on the yacht - water activities. For example, kayaking or paddleboarding.

By the way, if you're looking for a vacation with a wow-factor of water and beach entertainment, email us at We'll ask you a few questions and promptly find suitable options for you.

It's advantageous

A fixed price for a week on a yacht, and most of our offers are cheaper than a similar package in a hotel. Accommodation, meals, and a diving package are already included in the price.

And to convince you personally of our reasons, we have prepared a selection of New Year & Christmas safaris. Save the selection, or better yet, write to us right away - we'll make you an awesome celebration that deserves a ten out of ten.

Yacht Moonima

The Well Being concept on board, detox drinks at the bar. For example, detox tea or freshly squeezed juice.