Inspected Blue Shark II Yacht: Sharing the Results

Those who regularly follow our blog know that we also conduct yacht inspections regularly, ensuring that all yachts not only look as they do in brochures but also meet other equally important criteria. Because there are details that aren't visible in photos, but they determine how you'll rate your journey. And we want all your trips to be 100 out of 10!

This time, our inspector Mox embarked on the Blue Shark II yacht. Let's talk about what kind of yacht it is, who it's suitable for, and its current condition.


Blue Shark II is a 32-meter yacht with 10 cabins for 20 guests. It was built in 2008, and its hull is made of wood.

The cabins are double, with a bathroom in each cabin. The cabins are equipped with air conditioning, and the bathrooms have shampoo and shower gel.

During the trip, guests are provided with reusable bottles and metal straws for drinking, and the shampoo tube is biodegradable. The yacht is eco-friendly.


We met with the yacht owner, got acquainted with the crew members, and ensured that the onboard service is of high quality and deserves a solid ten out of ten. Special kudos to the chef.

We checked all the cabins, inspected the bathrooms, strolled through the lounge areas, connected to the onboard Wi-Fi, and confirmed that you can surf not only the waves but also the web swiftly.

We assess the yacht's sanitary and technical condition as good and confidently recommend it for travel. The yacht sails to the Central Atolls, and there are routes to the north and south as well.


The price per person for one week starts at $1,960.

This price includes: airport transfers to and from the yacht, drinking water, tea and coffee, snacks, full board meals, a diving package for certified divers + nitrox, beach towels, cabin towels, and toiletries.


The yacht offers diving safaris in the Maldives for certified divers. But not only that, there's something for everyone. For those who don't dive, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged. Snorkeling under the guidance of a professional guide is available to all. Additionally, there's beach relaxation, open-air parties, and a variety of cocktails, wines, and beers to suit your taste. Just let us know what's important to you, and we'll make sure to arrange it for you.


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