Boutique Hotel In The Open Ocean: Yacht Alice At An Exclusive Price For The Entire September

Let's transport ourselves into the future: you take one step, another, a third, and then you realize what perfection truly means.

Yacht Alice is not just a yacht; here, privacy and service are not just words. As our employee inspecting Alice put it, "Everything looks as if the yacht was taken out of the factory packaging five minutes ago."

We are absolutely certain that Alice makes any event truly special. Family vacation, lifestyle party with friends, corporate or business meeting in an informal setting. Perhaps surfing or diving safaris? Maybe ALL of the above. And in September, we offer FULL CHARTER AT A SPECIAL PRICE.


Four decks of absolute luxury and discreet service from a team that anticipates your desires in advance. Whatever you may need, from a lobster dish to cocktail ice cubes – everything will be provided instantly. You will only need to follow one rule – enjoy your leisure.

Each cabin is like a boutique hotel room. Each cabin not only has its own name but also its own character. The finishings feature natural wood and textiles. There is plenty of light and space in the cabins, and there is perfection in every detail. There is nothing unnecessary here. No visual noise.