We are in Dubai for the Arabian Travel Market Exhibition 2023

The Arabian Travel Market Exhibition 2023 just started today, and we are in attendance. As the leading trade fair for the Middle East’s inbound and outbound travel industries, ATM 2023 presents exciting opportunities for our team to showcase what we offer. We are presenting information on our various exciting cruise programmes for families with children, honeymooners, surfers, divers, fishing enthusiasts, and those looking for that ideal beach holiday.

ATM has been around since 1994 and has only gotten bigger since its inception. Every year, attendance grows by 10%, and this year is looking to be the biggest turnout yet. ATM 2023 has gathered thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, and there are even options for individuals to join online.

The exhibitors will include representatives from leading travel companies, airlines, spa resorts, tourism associations, hotels, the event industry, ecotourism, and extreme tourism.

Magic happens when you combine the beautiful expansiveness of the ocean with the dreaminess offered by a liveaboard, which makes any event truly memorable. Our goal at ATM 2023 is to inform visitors and showcase how our Maldivian cruises work and why more tourists are gravitating towards the safari format with each passing year.

We will be presenting:

Important Information:

We offer more than just cruises and can help you reserve and arrange spots at the best hotels. So if you are interested in bringing your Maldivian adventure to life, write to us at, and we will assist you with whatever you need.