The Horizon III yacht just got some new upgrades. Want to check it out?

Some important changes have been made to the Horizon III yacht that will make all your future trips even more enjoyable and comfortable. Let us first remind you about the uniqueness of the yacht as you keep reading on to see what the exciting new changes are for the Horizon III.

Horizon III is an amazingly built safari yacht with top-notch amenities, and Maldivian Charter Club offers a week-long journey called the "Best of Maldives," where you can cruise along and explore the best that the Maldives has to offer on the Horizon III. The route mainly follows the atolls of North Male, Ari, Vaavu, and South Male. During the summer and autumn seasons, the route further extends to North Male - Baa - North Male. At this time, a record number of manta rays can be observed on the Northern Baa Atoll, especially in Hanifaru Bay.

The Horizon III yacht has 12 cabins that can accommodate 22 to 24 guests. Each cabin onboard the Horizon III has air conditioning, a shower room with a bathroom, and other enticing amenities. The Deluxe and Master Suite cabins have additional luxury amenities such as massage showers and panoramic windows. The Master Suite further features a bathtub among its amenities.

So what’s changed? Here is a list of what’s new:

By the way, if you are a certified diver, you may see more than just manta rays and reef sharks. Depending on the route, you can have day or night encounters with whale sharks. And if you are lucky, you can see nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks, as well as tuna, trevally, barracudas, turtles, and, of course, the fantastic coral reefs unique to the Maldives.

And if you do not have a diver's certificate and you are not planning to go for a dive just yet, you can go snorkeling, stroll along a desert island, or have a great barbecue party on a wild beach. Write to us at, and we will arrange everything.