The Infinity X is a beast of a yacht, coming in at 48 meters with four decks. The yacht has 19 cabins, including VIP cabins, that can comfortably accommodate 38 people. It was constructed in 2019.

We wanted to personally inspect the yacht and prepare a detailed report for you.

Our first impression was simply, "Wow." The yacht is highly stable for its large size.

The cabins are spacious and air-conditioned. The air conditioners are barely audible, so you will find no disturbance from them.

The open deck is quite expansive as well and provides ample room to throw some great parties. The top deck features a private karaoke room where you can connect your phone or computer.

The Infinity X also has a highly equipped navigation system and legal clearances, which, as informed by the manager of the yacht, could legally allow the yacht to enter any country in the world.

In summary, here are our ratings:

The furniture: 10 out of 10 Everything onboard is stylish and kept in pristine condition.

The leisure areas: 10 out of 10 There are multiples of them all over the Infinity X. This includes shaded areas outdoors that are both open and closed, two solariums, as well as a lounge area with a TV in the restaurant.

The air conditioners: 10 out of 10 They are as silent as can be.

The atmosphere: 10 out of 10 The yacht is extremely spacious and affords a ton of luxury.

Now that is a stellar rating!

Here is some additional information about the yacht:

+ It is great for events and is available for renting.

+ Huge dhoni, which can hold 30 divers with equipment or 60 passengers.

If you are interested in knowing more information about the yacht or routes, or wish to book it, leave us an email at