Our objective, as usual with our inspection reports, is to show you the true yacht experience that lies beneath the photoshopped pictures with filters.

Clean and perfect. That was our first impression. The Alice yacht looked as if it had just been taken out of the factory packaging just moments ago.

Because of its pristineness, we were intrigued and asked them a question:

Q: Did you have a tough time finding staff? Everything looks so perfect here.

A: Yes, it took us some time to find the right staff to deliver the best experience.

And, boy, were they on the mark with that answer. The Alice yacht oozes luxury. Everything remains perfect and spotlessly clean, from the tablecloths to the textiles, from the mattresses to the vases with fresh flowers and other pieces of décor. Even the staff were perfect with their uniforms, haircuts, and manners. Everything was perfect!

The bathrooms were spacious and in excellent condition. All the furniture in the cabins is also new and in excellent condition.

There are also a lot of places to hang out and relax, such as the open, shaded decks or even the air-conditioned rooms if you want some extra privacy.

They also offer a variety of water sports and fun activities for guests to enjoy.

So here is our rating for the Alice yacht:

The furniture: 10 out of 10 Everything was brand new and stylish.

The leisure areas: 10 out of 10 There are relaxation spots all over the Alice yacht, and they are as trendy as can be as well.

The air conditioning: 10 out of 10 The yacht is very well cooled, with air conditioners present at most places.

The comfort factor: 10 out of 10 You will walk away from the luxurious interiors and exteriors of the yacht feeling like royalty.

The entertainment factor: 10 out of 10 There is fun around every corner, with plenty of activities for you to enjoy.

That is a perfect rating for a perfect yacht!

Here is some additional information about the Alice yacht:

+ New dhoni with white exteriors that is perfect for divers and surfers.

+ They also served us the perfect cappuccino, which gives them bonus points.

We hope this inspection provided you with some insight. If you want more information or would like to book the Alice Yacht, please reach out to us at