Pictures can lie. Photos can hide the truth. We are therefore creating a series of yacht inspection reports that will provide you with unbiased and truthful information about the yachts we have to offer. We want you, our clients, to have the best experience possible during your Maldives vacation.

And we are going to start off with the Safira yacht.

Safira, which means "sapphire" in Portuguese, is a luxury yacht that spans 43.3 meters. The yacht was designed by Swiss architects, but it was built in Egypt, and this cross-cultural collaboration really shows in the innovative nature of the yacht.

The yacht features a minimal style in its appearance and décor. The interior is highlighted by the light tones shown off by the textiles and wood. The suites aboard the Safira all have an individual and spacious terrace that will open up an avenue of visuals with its incredible views of the ocean.

Here are some featured experiences and amenities:

Our inspector had the following things to say following the inspection:

The first impression is that you are aboard a luxurious five-star hotel. Everything is clean and in order. The interior is cozy and features a combination of colors and shades that make it clear to any observer that a professional picked it out. The staff are also uniformed.

The upper cabins have beautiful wooden doors leading out to an expansive private balcony. The bathrooms are also just as wide as the cabins, coming in at approximately 1.5 meters. The halls look expansive and are cozy, living up to what is advertised in the photos. Also, for some bonus points, they served us an amazing cappuccino with a seductively sweet mocktail.

That is all for now, but stay tuned as we have more inspection reports coming your way!