4 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

Smart, active, and veeeery charming. Dolphins are inhabitants of the Indian Ocean. You can meet them while diving or snorkeling, they often accompany tour boats and liveboards. That's why we thought we'd introduce you to them a little more closely.

1. Their brain is larger than a human's. Its weight is 1600 grams, we have 1300 grams. Moreover scientists have discovered that dolphins have neurons identical to human neurons, which are responsible for emotional and social cognition.

2. Despite having feelings, dolphins do not smile as we used to think. Their “happy” facial expression is simply the shape of their jaw, not a sign of joy.

3. Dolphins have something like a name. Each dolphin is able to make an individual whistle that is different from its kin. With the help of this unique identifier dolphins introduce themselves to each other.

4. Dolphins can reach speed up to 40 kilometers per hour. But they can “speed up” like this only in case of danger. Their usual swimming speed is about 11-13 km/h.

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