The Reef-Ship Kuda Giri is the Perfect Place for the Beginners in Wreck Diving

Kuda Giri, located south of Male', was specially sunk in 1994 and today lies stern to the bottom at a depth of about 30 meters. Together with the natural underwater top, it forms an artificial reef that is home to colorful corals and dozens of species of fish.

You are sure to see glass catfish massing around the interior, gobies peeking out from around every corner, and batfishes that constantly swim near the ship. Turtles and sharks are not rare guests here either.

Diving to Kuda Giri is comfortable throughout the year, but from December to May there are almost no currents, which is great for beginner divers. There are several places to get in, and there are paths inside for navigation. In the back is the cargo hold, small and dark, so bring a flashlight if you want to look inside.

There are many liveaboards taking you to Kuda Giri to dive. To find out the best deals on safaris: +960 758-44-40.