How Not to Get Superstitious Here!

The most famous and most visited shipwreck in the Maldives, the MV Victory, sank on Friday the 13th, February 1981. It was on its way from Singapore to Male' and was carrying valuable goods for the resorts. But on the fateful night, the ship struck a reef and went to the bottom southwest of Hulule Island.

Over time, channel currents transformed the ship's metal frame into a thriving coral reef that every diver in the Maldives is eager to visit. Shoals of trevally, turtles, groupers, batfishes, pufferfishes and lionfishes are often seen here.

The shallowest points of the 100-meter-long ship - the mast and the bridge roof - are about 12 and 18 meters deep, respectively. There are several open cargo holds. But diving can be tricky as the ship is in a channel with strong currents.

Many liveaboards take to MV Victory to dive. To find out about the best deals on safaris: +960 758-44-40.