The Maldives with Children – 2

Maldives with children: safety rules. Going with a child on vacation to an exotic country, parents worry about many things. Now we will try to relieve you of some fears.

1. Acclimatization is not an obligatory part of the vacation. To avoid it, don't change kid`s diet and let your child drink more water.

2. There are no dangerous infections or poisonous snakes in the Maldives. There are not many insects, but repellents will be useful.

3. There are no strong currents in the lagoons. There may be small crabs and shells, so it is better to put on a child special beach shoes.

4. Take basic medicines (for colds, digestion, etc.) with you. There are pharmacies in the Maldives only on the large islands. And take extended medical insurance for your child.

5. Every time before going to the beach, use sunscreen. Even in cloudy weather. UV rays are also active through the clouds. And not neglect headgear.

6. Sea creatures can be aggressive in response to some actions. Do not allow children to grab fish, pull their tails, put hands in their mouths, etc.

Maldives is a safe place for vacation with kids as long as you follow basic precautions.