Hammerhead Sharks: 5 Interesting Facts

Can tan and swim sideways. Hammerhead sharks: 5 interesting facts.

1. In spite of popular belief, there are not 1, but 9 species of hammerhead sharks in the world. Unfortunately, almost all of them are endangered.

2. Hammerhead sharks like to hang out in shallows, and as a result, some species have developed the ability to sunbathe. Their skin can change color from light gray to dark gray.

3. The hammerhead shark has incredible vision and depth perception - better than most other shark species. The position of their eyes allows them to see everything around them, giving them a 360° view. But there is one "blind spot", which settles right in front of the animal's nose.

4. Sharks have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, that is at least 420 million years. Meanwhile, hammerhead sharks are much younger. They appeared on the planet about 20-25 million years ago.

5. Most sharks have pectoral fins longer than the first dorsal fin. The hammerhead shark is the opposite. Due to their body structure, they often swim at a slight angle, as if sideways.

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